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We all desire freedom. This sponsorship program invites you to create the conditions necessary for the liberation of all beings, beginning with those of us who are physically incarcerated. Become a powerful partner in growing The Lioness Tale Prison Project into a movement that transforms lives and society from the inside out.

Central California Women's Facility

Your support can provide:

  • 48 hours of accompaniment with women serving long term prison sentences
  • 96 hours of developing skills and deepening awareness, building program leadership within the prison 
  • Ongoing coaching and support for program leadership by women who are prisoners
  • Access to extraordinary guest teachers
  • Tools for building a more compassionate culture amongst women prisoners
  • Increased skills and employment opportunities for women who are released and 
  • Our ability to expand the program within the prison and to other prisons 
  • Each participant  knowing that someone on the outside supports her well-being
  • Funding to create an online program that parallels trainings occurring inside the prison
  • Help in building this movement from the ground up   

The Lioness Tale Prison Project consists of three programs, each building on the other as women learn skills to support their own growth, support each other, and sustain the building of these skills, and the inner well-being and community culture they foster. These programs also build connection between “us” and “them”, between “inside” and “outside.” They allow each of us, together, to become instruments of transformation rather than various types of victims of a degrading prison system.

Programs and Sponsorship Opportunities

LiT-uPP From the Inside Out (48 hours): This is the basic LiT-uPP program. Participants attend 48 hours of workshops in which they are accompanied through a reading of The Lioness Tale using the Enneagram, Gestalt Awareness, basic centering practices and artistic expression. The training is facilitated with assistance by a core group of graduates from the program, building the potential of each participant and the community to guide their ongoing growth using the resources shared in the program.

Lioness sponsorships: $480 per participant

Panther Awareness Development: PAD (96 hours): This is a program of further development for those who have completed the introductory course and want to facilitate these circles throughout the prison community. In this program, participants deepen their capacity for compassionate presence and the leadership and organizational skills necessary for facilitation and sustaining the program.

Panther sponsorships needed: $960 per participant 

On-going Panther support: This ongoing support is for graduates of PAD as they continue accompanying their own LiT-uPP groups throughout the prison community. They also assist in the 96 hours of the PAD course and commit another 48 hours of their time to deepening their own skills for accompaniment.

Panther support sponsorships: $100 monthly per core group member

Sponsorship options

  • Panther sponsor:  an individual or group contribution of $960
  • Lioness sponsor: an individual or group contribution of $480 
  • Ongoing Panther support sponsor: a monthly contribution of $100

The Lioness Tale is the story of a lioness that is captured and grows up in captivity. Her experience of captivity shapes her experiences, her possibilities for the future (or lack thereof), and obstructs the essence of who she is. A panther in captivity with her breaks through the hard exterior the lioness has built and shows her love, compassion and ways to connect to her true self despite the control that the captors have over their daily lives. The lessons in this story are potentially life altering for any of us, and are that much more relevant and urgent for those of us who are literally imprisoned.

Make a donation of $10 and provide a copy of The Lioness Tale to a new participant

The Lioness Tale Prison Project brings the lessons of this story to women serving long-term prison sentences and transforms lives, and society, from the inside out.CIW2

“This journey is hard for me but I want this . . . I want to become a better person and find out what triggers my anger, my pain and hurt. I’m learning to open up and I am really thankful for that. I have a lot of issues in my life that I need to deal with and started dealing with, with the help of the Lioness book and Diane. 

Thank you so much for your support and wanting to help us. . . for seeing us as human beings.”

Make a donation of $30 and provide a Leadership Package for LiT-uPP graduates which includes a Facilitator’s Manual, Workbook and 12 original CD’s

The Lioness Tale Prison Project is supported entirely by public contributions and receives no government funding. Financial support is tax deductible.